Come and See!

You hear a lot about health these days and the impact your health can have on your everyday life. It’s recommended that you eat healthy, work out and take care of your body for your own good.

What about spiritual healthiness? How do we stay spiritually strong? In a similar way to maintaining our body, we can spiritually feed and exercise ourselves. The way that happens is  with God’s Word (Jn 6:35).  Crown of Life is a place where that happens. Every Sunday we gather around God’s Word for the strengthening of our faith as we worship our Lord.


Who Are We?

Crown of Life is part of a larger church body known as the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Our church body was established in Wisconsin many years ago but has grown into a world-wide church body, yet still retains its name “Wisconsin”.  “Synod” means “walking together.” Because of the truths we confess, WELS churches around the world “walk together” in their confession of truth. That means that no matter which WELS church you enter you will be hearing the same Scriptural doctrines being taught. 

To learn more about our beliefs start with “This We Believe” found on our Synod’s Website.



What can you expect?

What is Worship Like?

It is our goal to carry out worship in a way that glorifies God. We use an order of worship- which is often printed in the worship folder, so everyone can easily follow along- sing hymns and songs together, hear a sermon about a specific section of the Bible, and pray. Many times there will be special music by the choir, children or by instrumentalists.  Our hope is that you leave worship saying, “How great and wonderful is our God!” Listen to one of our recent services HERE.


What do most people wear?

Most dress formally (dresses/shirts+ties), while others dress more casual (pants+polo). We are thrilled to have you come no matter what you wear! Please dress as you see fit.


How do I find out more?

Pastor Kehl is available by phone (504) 330-7664, or you can email him-



Understanding the Bible

Bible information classes are offered at Crown of Life.  The class examines the basic teachings every Christian should know about the Bible in an interactive atmosphere.  If you are interested in joining the next class, call Pastor Kehl (504) 330-7664. 

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