Small Group Gatherings

 Congregational Meeting  – Feb 17th


2019 Council

President- Michael Phelps
Vice President- Rick Tallant
Secretary- Isaiah Prater
Financial Secretary- Lee McKinney

2018Treasurer Q4 Report

Budget: $142,930.00
Expenses: $141,900.76

Under Budget: $1,029.24


Operating Fund: $84,511.80

Checking Acct: $91,144.03

Total Assets: $121,396.06


Over: Facilities, IT
Under: Evangelism, Insurance, Utilities

Treasurer: Tyrone Schultz

2018 FS-Report

2018 offering was 143,356.16.
This beat budget by $426 due to special offerings during the year.

2019 budget is $149,145. The monthly income goal is $12,428

 To improve ministry and properties the way we plan to, the income goal is key


Adult Members: 84

Total Souls: 107

Average Bible Class: 13 Average Sunday School: 7

What we do really well…

Average of almost 100 in worship for Easter/ Family&Friends/ Heritage fest

Spiritual Goals

United Effort

 Monthly Camps including: Basketball, Dance, Garden

 10 – 20 Kids on average per event

 Help is needed  with invitation text follow up with parents

Volunteers in 2019


1000 Volunteer hours in 2018

40+ Volunteer opportunities yearly